Candle Care

How do I light the candle?

Lean the candle to the side so you could easily light the corner of the wick where it meets the wax. Allow a few seconds for the flame to take to the wick and spread from the bottom to the top. After the flame has spread to the other side of the wick, level the candle on a balanced surface. Burn times may vary according to ambient temperature and humidity.

Where do I place the candle?

When looking for a good location for the candle, be sure it is away form drafty areas and placed on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Do not to move the candle while it is burning. Keeping it from direct sunlight will help avoid any discoloration of the wax.

How do I care for the wick?

After burning the candle, the cedar wick will have a burnt top that should be removed. If you notice an overly large flame when relighting, you will know it is time to trim the excess portion of the burnt wick. Before you trim, make sure the wax is firm and has completely cooled. Simply use your fingers to pinch off the burnt top of the wick. You could also use a wick trimmer. For optimal results, remove all loose burnt wick edges or any trimmings that may have fallen onto the wax.

What is the cleaning process?

One of the best qualities of soy wax is that it cleans up effortlessly with just soap and water. If you happen to spill any melted wax, simply use warm, soapy water to clean. Once the candle has completely burned through, we encourage you to recycle or repurpose the container.